Transformations  Testimonials

Adair H.
"Thank you! In Ottawa for another of this summer's events, a casual outdoor wedding celebration -- wore the long garnet-coloured dress.  Lots of compliments!  Have really been enjoying all of my new clothes!!! I feel they suit me and it is nice to get compliments. Thank-you!"

Elizabeth H., Director of Marketing
"With Tamara’s help I have discovered the joy of dressing. Now my wardrobe and accessories have colour and style and reflect my personality. Interestingly, the items I get the most compliments on are the ones that I never would have thought to buy before I started working with Tamara."

Sacha G., Events Coordinator
"I met Tamara after a time where my personal and professional goals were changed. Within a short space of time she has helped me find clothes that suit my needs and promote my own personal style.  Her creative outlook on fashion makes you wonder how you managed without her help for your wardrobe needs. Fashion should be fun, and innovating! If it isn’t, you definitely need to give Tamara a call ASAP.

After working with Tamara I am absolutely certain that I can trust her to steer me in the right direction. Thank you Tamara for your consistent dedication and support, you’re not only my Image Consultant but you have also been my confidante."

Lisa P., Marketing Manager
"Tamara is amazing! I hired her when I changed jobs moving from a very corporate environment to a fun and creative environment in the beauty industry. She took a critical look at my wardrobe, picked the crème de la crème and helped to evolve my personal style. We have shopped together to fill the gaps and with her great taste and eye, I have been able to know what my style is and who I am. I often am complimented and tell everyone how I can now look at my closet and know what I am going to wear every morning! An amazing feat! If you are thinking about it, don't wait! Tamara is everything you could want in a personal stylist!"

Alexandria F., MA Student
"I would just like to tell you how grateful I am that you really 'showed me the light' so to speak. Everyone in my program comments that I am 'so well dressed'…I feel like you've really showed me how to figure out how to dress myself. My sister also approves of the way I now dress. She has sent me a million emails regarding it. Thanks again!"

Amy G., Technical Communicator
"I knew my wardrobe did not present me in the way I wished to be portrayed in my new position at work. I will admit I was a bit hesitant to employ an image consultant, thinking I'd be pressed to purchase high-priced, uncomfortable, fad pieces. However, my experience with Tamara was anything but. Tamara truly listened to what I wanted, and anticipated what I needed to resuscitate my wardrobe. She showed me what worked with my body type yet still fit within my comfort level and personality. Tamara helped me rediscover the joy of shopping!"

Esther M., Director of Finance
I was very impressed with Tamara's professional, no nonsense approach to creating the right impression for any business situation. She emphasizes the importance of creating a positive impression that is consistent with your true character. Not only does a polished appearance that feels comfortable help you look the part, it provides a boost to your self-confidence as well.

Alyson G., Manager MBA Employment
Tamara has conducted several workshops for the Schulich School of Business. She is always professional and a pleasure to work with. She offers insight that is relevant and practical and is open to questions from students. As a Schulich MBA graduate herself, she understands both the image side as well as the business side. I recommend her highly.

Janna R.,Graphic Designer
I first approached Tamara to help me find a new dress for an important wedding - I didn’t want to wear the same tired simple black dress. Instead, Tamara advised me that my dress was great but that I simply needed to accessorize better; and so we went shopping for jewelry. We walked through many accessory styles and how they can be used to enliven an outfit. We were successful! We chose a beautiful necklace I would have overlooked without her! But, more than that, I was able to put together the rest of the outfit with other accessories and colors to create a fabulous wedding outfit that I felt confident in, and was highly complimented on– at a budget price. Tamara showed me how to look at things in their already fabulous form and turn simple things in to fantastic ones.

Rob M.
I worked in a very casual office environment. Over time, I found that my wardrobe had slowly become nothing but jeans and suits, with no real middle ground. When I went out, I was often either overdressed or underdressed.

Tamara's approachable and really gets to know her clients. Tamara identified and empathized with my clothing worries and aversion to shopping. Working with Tamara has saved me money and time on poor fitting clothes and endless returns, and has increased my confidence and pleasure in my image! Invariably, when people compliment me on my outfit, it's something that Tamara helped me pick out. Thanks Tamara!

Shelley E., Medical Office Owner/Manager
Tamara has been my style and image consultant for years, assisting me with my professional, social, and business travel wardrobes.  She has helped to identify changes in my body shape throughout our relationship.  Her guidance has been invaluable in learning how to highlight my best features and downplay the ones I don’t like.  Our seasonal wardrobe audits have streamlined my closet and provided me with wardrobe modules making the coordination of polished and accessorized outfits easier for all my lifestyle needs.  I look like me, only more current.  I feel confident that I look my best with less effort than I thought possible.

Jesse G., Profit Strategist
Tamara has helped me to polish my professional and social look keeping it easy and casual but very put-together. Tamara’s skill in body type assessment, trained eye for fashion, and sincere interest in my success have helped me to build a versatile wardrobe that moves between my career and personal life.

Now that I understand how to project my true personality and unique traits in my image, I find it much easier to attract the types of work and people I match with best. 

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